Minor Consent

What You Need To Know

With the increase in popularity of tattoos, and the growing acceptance by the public, we are frequently approached by clients who wish to have services done on a minor.  Below, we have the forms and rules for each service, in the event you wish to have a minor receive services.

It is important to remember that tattoos are physical changes to the body, and that our team may not share your views on when they are appropriate.  If we decline a service, we ask that you treat the decision with respect, as we use our best judgement as experts in our field to make those determinations.

Examples of services we will refuse to minors include:

  • Private area tattoos of any kind.
  • Tattoos that are sexually suggestive.
  • Tattoos that contain drug or alcohol references.
  • Names that are not of relatives or pets.
  • Tattoos that are visible in ways they could affect future employment.
  • Tattoos that will become distorted as the minor continues to grow.
  • Tattoos without the proper documentation.

This list is only some basic issues, and individual artists and/or locations may be more restrictive of working with minors.  It is also important to remember that the tattooing of a minor in Florida that is younger than 16 is a crime, as it is in many areas.  Not only will we not engage in this practice, but you should be cautious of any studio who is willing to violate this law for you, as they likely cut other corners as well.